That Special Day for Moms

While this year’s Mothers’ Day was nearing, I wished my 18-months-old daughter would also know how to say “Happy Mothers’ Day!” or she’d give me an extra kiss. But I had to reserve… Continue reading

Her growing vocabulary

I have been amazed ever since by how intelligent kids are. With their little brains they’re able not just to imitate sounds but to react to whatever you say or do. When my… Continue reading

That First Day of May

It’s the first day of May and a holiday because we’re celebrating Labor Day. For me, it’s a bonus day to be with my family. We celebrated it by watching The Avengers and… Continue reading

Those Tantrums

My daughter just discovered how to drop her body on the floor and give me that crying-with-no-tears face when she does not approve of something. I saw this kind of attitude from other… Continue reading

That Eight-Legged Creature

I SERIOUSLY am afraid of spiders, especially the big ones. I must say that, lately, I have somehow managed my fear. But that was only when they’re not moving from their position that… Continue reading

Those text messages

Isn’t it wonderful that nowadays we’re able to easily communicate with our loved ones? We’re all so far yet so near (or all so near yet so far). Anyway, I am thankful that… Continue reading

That Game

How come a seductive smell of a wife and strutting her butt don’t work on her husband who’s playing a video game late at night? Enlighten me. But first, don’t get me wrong.… Continue reading

That Dream

Babies always look cute even when you don’t dress them up. But these photos of a baby of different professions inspire me to become better in my chosen career. When I was a… Continue reading

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