Let’s Respect Each Other’s Space

Have you found yourself in a situation where you just can’t avoid other people’s noise… errr, music? How I wish I could always make my little space sound proof at times like these.… Continue reading

We enjoy cooking as much as we enjoy eating

I think my husband and I started our night quite beautifully. We went around the grocery store to buy stocks for the week before heading home. On our way to the bus stop,… Continue reading

Rainy Mornings and Father’s Day

It’s Monday and I was late for work because of an early morning heavy rainfall. My daughter’s baby sitter reported late for work and like a domino, it affected my schedule as well.… Continue reading

The Mother’s Instincts

Mother’s Instinct: I thought it was all some way of my mom to prevent me from going somewhere or doing something. She tells me sometimes how she’s not at ease over something. Most… Continue reading

Our Late Night Bonding

It was Friday and our daughter’s already asleep. We thought of watching a movie til sleep finds us and hit us with its sweet spell. And watching a movie isn’t complete without a… Continue reading

Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Stumbled upon this blog post at babycenter.com (http://blogs.babycenter.com/life_and_home/7-free-fathers-day-printables/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter) and it gave an idea on what to give to my husband this father’s day. Yup, a can of rootbeer, preferably Sarsi. I never thought… Continue reading

The Power of a Kiss

My daughter got her two fingers pinched in the door yesterday. That made her scream so loud and cry so hard. Although it didn’t bleed under her skin nor left her an open… Continue reading

My First Veggie Pasta

Hi! In my previous post, I’ve mentioned that I made a “healthy” dinner for my family. I call it Eggplant Pasta. Clever recipe title, huh! Haha! Anyway, since I wasn’t that creative in… Continue reading

The Unofficial Day-Off

My daughter’s nanny didn’t report for work last Monday so we had to ask my husband’s mom to take care of our daughter for that day. Still a no-show on Tuesday so I… Continue reading

The Little Hands of a Future Artist

On the third day of my daughter’s life, I have uploaded some of her very first photos on my Facebook. A lot of my friends and family commented and liked her photos. It… Continue reading

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