My Champorado Cravings (Again)

This must be my official online announcement about what we’re about to expect soon. I don’t feel like announcing it on social media sites such as in twitter or in facebook because they cause major reactions and lots of comments that I sometimes feel so overwhelmed. But I can’t keep myself from not sharing it at all. This is a wonderful present, a beautiful surprise! 🙂

We’re expecting an addition to our family. Our little girl Mavis is going to be an Ate (older sister) in 9 months. Just like our first daughter, this wasn’t expected. There were several factors to consider, some are really funny reasons.

The first on the list would be the 50 Shades of Grey. Yup, I’m one of those ladies who got hooked to this book (and the 2 others that followed it). It wasn’t written wittily but it sure captured the emotions of a woman (or most of the women). Even my husband, after reading a few sections of it, found it the “kind of book he would like to read.” He’s not a bookworm. As a matter of fact, he never liked books (except maybe comic books and books with lots of pictures in it). We never tried any of the “stunts” in the books of E.L. James. But after my husband read it, I felt like, let’s say, it’s real lovemaking. But let’s not talk more about our sex life here. The bottom line is 50 Shades of Grey could have influenced me and my husband and after some time, we found ourselves pregnant with our second.

The next on the list could be my hair transformation. Ha ha ha! After I gave birth to my daughter, I only cared for my hair once. Had a pixie cut once then after that, I just let it grow! I’m the kind of girl (or woman) who’s wash-and-wear when it comes to my hair. I only brush it after taking a bath, let the wind “blow-dry” it while I’m riding a bus, and come in the office with sort of a wild hair. Once my husband even commented: “Wag mo naman panindigang rugged ka!” (Please don’t commit to your being rugged!”) So when I had my haircut last month (imitating Zooey Deschanel’s signature bangs even though I didn’t achieve it) and dyed my hair brown, my workmates teased me that this might make my husband fall in love to me once again and cause our 2nd baby. Ha ha ha! But I guess they’re right!

The last on my list would be none other than love. We’ve found very comfortable with each other these past months. We usually go out and hang out with friends, encourage each other with our work, share parenting tasks to our daughter, and just enjoy each other’s company even while watching tv. We could have somehow passed the “itchy” years of marriage, though we can’t tell yet because we only got 2 years. But seeing some relationships falling apart, we find ourselves becoming even stronger, understanding each other more, learning more not just about ourselves but how both of us would work in this relationship.

So with all the reasons stated up there, the best one would be the last, right? When the pregnancy test confirmed my weird feelings after missing my period for only a week, my husband said that Mavis would now have a playmate. But I know he’s also a little worried about the future (all the added expenses and responsibilities). And as a wife, I am his partner, I assured him that everything will be fine. There are those who lived happily even if they can’t buy everything. Yes, it could have been much better if we have more money in our pockets. But the most important thing is we have each other as a family.

Now I’m in my 6th week. Been craving to different kinds of food already. But I found out that Champorado (chocolate rice porridge) is still the ultimate comfort food for me. My husband warned me not to eat Champorado everyday because our child might come out dark (one of Pinoy’s pamahiin or old maid’s tales). But our daughter came out pink and beautiful. 🙂

Here’s a photo of Champorado I found in Google: