What I Love To Do When It’s Raining

When it’s raining, it’s just so easy to get lazy. There isn’t much to do. I usually stay indoors (except when I have to go to work) and bore myself with TV shows or watching old movies I haven’t watched before. I either play with my daughter (who gets easily cranky because she’s limited to a smaller playground) or clean up whatever is there to clean. But what I really love to do on a rainy day (especially on a weekend) is to cook. I love the warmth of the kitchen and its aroma. So here’s what I cooked yesterday for me, my daughter, and her nanny: fried Tilapia and one of the Pinoy dishes called Gising-gising.Image

It’s called Gising-gising because in Filipino the word gising means wake up. It’s ground pork with Baguio beans sliced thinly cooked in coconut milk and added with siling labuyo. Actually, it lacks one ingredient and that’s bagoong but I don’t have bagoong that time so it’s my version of Gising-gising. It still tasted good but I’m not really a fan of spicy dishes so I didn’t enjoy my own meal compared with my daughter. She may have inherited as well the tongue of her father!


By the way, aside from cooking, I also love eating when it’s raining! And after eating, sleeping! Yup, I am like a pig being fattened during rainy days at home. Haha!

What do you love to do when it’s raining? 🙂