Busy Sunday

It’s the 15th of July and it seemed as if it’s a very special day for everyone. Well, first, it’s my mom’s birthday. We’re thousands of miles apart but thanks to Skype, we’re able to see and talk to each other again. My daughter was in some kind of good mood yesterday that’s why she and my mom and sister had fun Skype-ing. Mavis imitated her Aunt Haira, dancing like a duck or pouting their lips. They laugh a lot at each other. After some time, my little girl got bored with it and wanted to go out of the room.

While I was busy talking to my sister and mom over Skype, our choir members were in our living room watching a movie. Because yesterday we had some spaghetti and chicken lunch after being able to save a thousand bucks (in Philippine peso).

An hour later my high school friends fetched me and my sleeping daughter to attend the 1st birthday party of our goddaughter. We’re super late for the party but didn’t miss the big event: Jollibee’s dance number! Of course the kids went crazy except for the birthday celebrant. She got afraid of the big happy bee mascot. Poor baby. My daughter on the other hand got really excited to meet again Jollibee. She followed him wherever this mascot goes! So as its way of appreciating her fondness it carried my daughter and posed for a pic! 🙂 After 30 minutes we found ourselves back on the road again, this time we’re heading back home.

My girlfriends and I rarely see each other so I invited them to stay a little longer in our house. We enjoyed sharing stories of our lives (and other people’s lives) over some booze. My daughter enjoyed having a playmate in the house because my friend brought along with her her son who happens to be one of my grandsons also. It’s as if a decepticon invaded our house!

When my daughter finally slept and my friends already gone home, my hubby and I ended the night with a Tekken match! He said we’d play only 1 game but after I beat him he asked for another game. On our 2nd game I just let him win! Ha ha!