Would You Want to Forget?

It was the busiest day for my cellphone yesterday. Calls and text messages to different people because of our magazine/catalolgue deadline. At the back of my head I was saying I’m a graphic artist… This wasn’t included in my job duties…

But I still did it. So when I went home with my hubby I asked him if we could drink a bottle of beer at home before going to bed. He immediately said yes! A bottle of beer over a umm.. let’s say a romantic drama with some “artistic” way of telling its story movie. We watched Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. It wasn’t my first choice of movie for the night. I wanted something not too deep, something that would help me relax, help me to sleep. On the first few scenes of the movie, on its long introduction, my eyes were starting to get heavy. The beer must have cast a spell on me that early. But as the story progresses, I was starting to understand it and get interested. By the way, I think Jim Carey looked handsome in this movie and I love Kate Winslet’s dyed hair!

Towards the end of the movie, I asked my husband this: If you’re given a chance, would you want to have some parts of your memory erased? Before I gave this question, I was already thinking that, for me, I would never want to erase any part of my memory. For me, these memories, even some are very hurtful or very embarrassing, are what made me who I am today. So, after uttering the question to my husband, he immediately said “No.” He said “Sayang ang memories.” (“What a waste to remove those memories.”)

After watching the movie, I looked at my daughter’s face who’s already sleeping peacefully. And I smiled. I thanked God for all the things that happened in my life. Those experiences brought me to where I am right now; it gave me my little girl. And before my husband and I finally said good night, I thanked him. If he did not insist on watching this movie, I would not feel grateful for still being able to remember things, for having my memories with me.


Photos from: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/eternal_sunshine_of_the_spotless_mind/pictures/