Raining Cats & Dogs

Haven’t posted in a while. Still busy in the office. Photo shoots and completion of our layouts for our August magazine/catalogue. (Just in case you haven’t known yet, I work as a graphic artist in Manila). Also, our marketing communications specialist just resigned last week. Graphic artists and product officers need to take parts on the jobs she used to do. We’re being poured with lots of new tasks and it’s literally raining cats and dogs outside. Boots and hoodies are what’s hot in the office nowadays. Oh, and umbrellas too! We get instant ombre pants also because of the rain! Ha! πŸ™‚ Wet-look is “in”, you know? πŸ™‚

The sun showed up though, I think yesterday and also toda, but only in the morning. In the evening, Hanging Habagat (Southwest Monsoon) brought rain once again. We often joke that it’s a bed weather. Who would want to leave your bed when it’s gloomy outside and cold inside. You somehow want to cover yourself with your blanket and get warm but your toes are peeking outside to catch a little bit of the cold breeze. Ahhhh…. But my husband poked me to wake up and start my day. He’s kind of sweet though with a cup of coffee for me waiting on our dining table. I love him even if sometimes he’s annoying! Ha ha!

Tomorrow’s weekend anyway. Done with my layouts and I’m only waiting for some revisions (hoping they’re just minor ones). Also, the President didn’t come to the office today. We’re supposed to present our layouts to him today. Everything’s almost done and posted on the wall for him to view but he’s not here. But that’s okay. We still got another week. πŸ™‚