Just Say Sorry

Waiting for like 30 minutes outside a bank near my office and it was like 33-34 degrees Celsius. I was sweating but the wind was blowing. It was a relief! But with dusts sticking on my sweaty forehead and probably covering my entire face? That totally pissed me off! I wasn’t even informed it would take him that long to meet me outside the bank. I ringed his phone about 3 times. On my 4th call he picked up only to tell me he and his companion dropped by some place first before heading to the bank. No “Sorry.” He never felt sorry for being late! NEVER! When he finally reached the bank, I was like some rotten fruit already and I was not in any kind of GOOD MOOD. I sort of threw the bag of clothes he asked me to bring for him and immediately left. No “Sorry.”

That one word that would somehow turn things nicely instead of nasty: SORRY. Sometimes I find it hard to say it too (specially when I feel like I wasn’t the wrong one). But I know how things would be much better when it’s uttered.

According to iloveswmag.com there are 10 rules for a happy marriage. The 9th says: When you have done something wrong, admit it and ask for forgiveness. Humility will bring you closer and it’s never ever too late to say “I’m sorry.”