Vices During Pregnancy

I read this blog from where a pregnant woman was denied a glass of wine in a restaurant where she was dining. I instantly remember my sister telling me before that a bottle of beer is just alright for a pregnant woman. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t take any alcohol. Or maybe I did on the first month because I didn’t know yet that I was already pregnant. I remember also smoking because prior to pregnancy I was already a smoker. But right after I found out that I’m positive, I stopped drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. It’s bad for everybody’s health but I was more concerned with my growing baby inside. I think it’s also good that during my first trimester, I was experiencing lihi and cigars were one of those things I suddenly don’t like. I hated its smell as much as I hated the smell of alcohol, of garlic and surprisingly, of Kare-Kare (one of my favorite Pinoy dishes).

The woman who wasn’t served a glass of wine should be more thankful to the waiter/waitress who denied her of her request. I do understand that pregnant women could become more emotional over things (I was when I was pregnant!). Maybe the waiter/waitress was just concerned about her and the baby she’s carrying. I would be if I were the waitress. A friend of mine couldn’t get rid of smoking even when she got pregnant. I wish I could spank her and ban cigarettes in the subdivision where she’s living. But all I can do is tell her how bad it is specially for the baby. Well, the good news is that her baby came out normal.

What do you think of these vices during pregnancy?

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