Let’s Respect Each Other’s Space

Have you found yourself in a situation where you just can’t avoid other people’s noise… errr, music? How I wish I could always make my little space sound proof at times like these. I have an officemate who loves to play his kind of music in his tiny but loud speakers. There was a time when he played loud, growling rock music. I suddenly felt drained and my head ached! I had to find comfort in my tiny earphones, even though it’s not that kind that zeroed all the “outside” noise. I had to find that soothing playlist I have to mellow down my world. Yup, I do get upset or get irritated by how noisy my surroundings become. Some may get irritated by a sweaty seatmate or finds himself/herself almost puking or worse turning blue because of a foul smell. But for me, it’s with what I hear around me. I guess I’m becoming old each day and my preferences in music have changed as well.

We all have different tastes on different things. We also have the freedom to express what we feel inside. But I think, most importantly, we must also be sensitive enough on what people around you might feel when you do or say something. For me, we just need to respect each other’s space. Music can go beyond the borders of our personal space but it is controllable. It’s up to us to control it.