We enjoy cooking as much as we enjoy eating

I think my husband and I started our night quite beautifully. We went around the grocery store to buy stocks for the week before heading home. On our way to the bus stop, we passed by Balintawak’s busy wet market. We’re searching for onion and garlic but I got irritated by how lousy my husband deals with the tindero/tindera (vendor). So I just told him we better go straight to our usual suki. We took a different route going there and was amazed to see the other side of the market. It’s a first time for both of us to see the “fish section”. We got excited, giggled a lot and finally agreed in buying half a kilo of those live Tilapia. It was like a remembrance of our trip there.

At home, he requested me to help him prepare the potatoes for his Pork Adobo. He realized how fun it is to cook when you have someone around to talk to. And I couldn’t agree more to his statement.

Here’s my sweet husband cooking his all-time favorite dish Adobo and me as his assistant. He may be goofing around the camera but in reality he’s really serious when he cooks. I’m his taste-tester and he won’t settle for a “Pwede na!” answer. He’s quite perfectionist with foods.

It took us about an hour to finish this. And by the time it’s already served, we couldn’t care much for the taste, or at least with me, because we’re already hungry! Haha!