Rainy Mornings and Father’s Day

It’s Monday and I was late for work because of an early morning heavy rainfall. My daughter’s baby sitter reported late for work and like a domino, it affected my schedule as well. But I really don’t feel bad about it. As a matter of fact, I really just wanted to stay at home and enjoy a cup of hot coffee and watch some cartoons with my daughter. But we need to get back to reality. We need to work to earn money.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. Surprisingly, my husband woke up early and went out to buy 2 sachets of Nescafe Creamy Latte. (It’s not his usual thing to wake up early and go outside of the house.) I totally forgot it’s a special day for him! I was still nursing a broken heart because my daughter’s pedia told me that she might need a minor surgery to remove that lump from her eyes. Anyway, instead of celebrating Father’s Day somewhere else, we opted to stay at home. The only special thing I did for him was to buy him root beer. But the most special thing he did to celebrate Father’s Day with us was that he did the laundry yesterday! He’s such a sweetheart.

Our daughter also declared a Peace Day for the two of them. She gave him more than 1 kiss yesterday! This is rare because usually my daughter doesn’t like to be sweet with her daddy. We don’t know why actually. I often joke that it’s because she looks and acts a lot like her father. He enjoyed it much also — the kisses, nose-to-nose, and goofing around. But at the end of the day, he really got tired. It’s as if he did a tremendous workout. So we finally announced it’s time for bed before 12 midnight. It’s a cold night due to heavy rainfall but we’re warm and comfy inside our bedroom.