Our Late Night Bonding

It was Friday and our daughter’s already asleep. We thought of watching a movie til sleep finds us and hit us with its sweet spell. And watching a movie isn’t complete without a snack. My husband prepared a delicious cheesy bacon burger.


It was a heavy snack for both of us. I just noticed moments after he finished his burger that my husband became quiet. I thought he’s very much into the movie. But nope! He’s so full that even his eyelids became heavy! Haha! Yup, in the middle of the story he fell asleep. So I finished the movie alone. By the way we watch Eat Sleep Love. I even cried in a scene in that movie where Liz (played by Julia Roberts) was able to raise money for a mom and her daughter who needed a stable house for themselves. At the end of the movie I thought maybe it bored my husband because it was more of a “woman’s side” and sometimes he just can’t understand the complexity of a woman’s mind. Anyway, it was still a good night for both of us.