The Unofficial Day-Off

My daughter’s nanny didn’t report for work last Monday so we had to ask my husband’s mom to take care of our daughter for that day. Still a no-show on Tuesday so I asked my aunt to look after our daughter since my mother-in-law had some errands to do. And she still didn’t show up yesterday (Wednesday) and no one’s available to look after my daughter so I had to take an emergency leave from work. But I was sandwiched between my deadlines and taking care of my daughter. I had no choice but to tag her along to my office and ask for my friend who happened to be my daughter’s godmother as well to get my files so I can work at home instead. Though it’s a very hot day, my daughter seemed to have enjoyed her short “field trip”. It was kind of tiring for my part because I had to carry her almost all the time. It was a short unofficial day off for both of us. It looked though she loved every bit of yesterday because I was with her. I also loved yesterday because it’s a day spent with my darling little one. I was so inspired that I cooked a healthy dinner: Eggplant pasta. My hubby liked it; my daughter didn’t. Haha! She doesn’t like sour foods and my Eggplant pasta tasted a little bit sour because of the tomatoes. (Next time baby, Mommy will make it a little bit sweeter for you.) Still, she ate it.

I guess I really got tired yesterday that I woke up late this morning. The nanny said she’d come today. She did. But she was late. So my husband did the sacrifice of not going to work this morning.