The Power of a Kiss

My daughter got her two fingers pinched in the door yesterday. That made her scream so loud and cry so hard. Although it didn’t bleed under her skin nor left her an open wound, I still felt the pain. I don’t know the last time I believed how my own mother would cure such kind of pain with just a kiss but I did it to my daughter to keep her calm and stop her from crying. I blew softly into her hand and kissed her hurting fingers. Slowly she stopped crying and dropped her head onto my shoulders. It was like magic! I gave her a bottle of milk and cuddled her. After a while she fell asleep.

This morning when she woke up, she gave her hand to me. My thought was like “You just woke up baby and now you want to play ‘Bayad po’?” But I gave in anyway. I gave her an imaginary coin to pay her but she refused it. She’s still giving her hand to me with those sad eyes. Oh! She must have remembered what happened to her fingers yesterday. Immediately I kissed her hand. She smiled and stood up and together we went out of the room.