The Little Hands of a Future Artist

On the third day of my daughter’s life, I have uploaded some of her very first photos on my Facebook. A lot of my friends and family commented and liked her photos. It was like a cyber welcome party for her. Maybe they felt the same happiness I had when I first saw her. One of the most memorable comments was given by my college friend who I asked to be one of my daughter’s (fairy) godmothers. She said: “The hands of a future artist.” (Let me post the photo later.) Her tiny hand was clutching her daddy’s finger. At that time – well, until now – I don’t want to impose on her what she should become when she grows up. But those hands could also paint and draw like mine or play the guitar like her dad’s.

Fast forward, after more than a year, she’s starting to show interests on art and music. When she sees her dad’s guitar, she would try to play it. When she sees me writing or doing some sketches, she would also ask me to give her a pencil or a crayon. I would give her a piece of paper as well but she’d rather draw lines on the floor, on her table, on her play mat, anywhere! And yes, it doesn’t stop there. One morning, thinking she still doesn’t know how to open her tube of toothpaste, I handed it to her. After a while she came to me showing her hands full of her blue bubblegum-flavored toothpaste. She must be proud because first, she has already figured out how to twist the cap and open her toothpaste and second because she was able to make a mess…err.. an art (I guess). Haha! I was half laughing and half panicking because I’m already late for work that morning. I immediately washed her hands and changed her clothes. I wasn’t able to take photos of that moment. But you know, a mom’s heart can keep tons of memories, more than what a terabyte can store. 🙂

So maybe her godmother was right – she has the hands of a future artist. But whatever she becomes in the future, as long as it’s good, I will support her all the way. 🙂