That Special Day for Moms

While this year’s Mothers’ Day was nearing, I wished my 18-months-old daughter would also know how to say “Happy Mothers’ Day!” or she’d give me an extra kiss. But I had to reserve that for later years. As of now, we’re busy identifying who’s Mom and who’s the daughter. Ha! 😛

I thank God for mothers! I wouldn’t be who I am if not because of my Mama. And I thank God for allowing me to experience motherhood as well. This may sound cliche but my life became complete when I had my daughter. She may not be one of those I expected to come into my life in 2010 but she’s truly a blessing!

Only in motherhood that I truly understood why there are some things we need to do, like fixing your bed in the morning or sitting properly even while just watching TV at your own home. My Mama would often remind me and my sisters to fix our bed just after waking up. When I was young I thought this was useless because at night I’d get my bed messy again. Now that I’m a mother, I learned that fixing your bed eliminates bed bugs and allowing you to find hidden treasures under pillows and sheets! It does also make you feel more excited to sleep in your bed when you see it tidy. While growing up my Mama would also tell us to sit properly even while watching TV because it doesn’t look nice for girls to sit with open legs. I thought this only applies while with guests or with other people outside your home. But now I guess she even asks us to apply this “etiquette” even in front of our own TV so we’d get used to doing it as if it’s a normal part of our system.

My Mama didn’t finish high school. She didn’t earn a college degree. She joined the labor force in her late teens while putting aside her dream of become a nurse because she needed to earn money to buy her needs. But even if she’s not well educated my Mama loves reading any reading material, most especially the Bible. At my tender age of 5, the very first thing my Mama taught me and made me memorize was the Apostles’ Creed (Sumasampalatay Ako in Filipino). But she rarely helped me on my academics. She also had to attend to the needs of my 2 younger sisters. I guess with this she also taught me to become self-reliant. Because of relying too much to myself, I often find myself with an opposite view from my mother. We rarely agree on things or the way we do these. But despite this we love each other

I just realized today that a mother’s heart is so big it can forgive and forget all the wrong things her child or children did to her. When I got pregnant with my daughter, my mother got angry at me not because I was too young or that I wasn’t able to finish college or that I didn’t have a job. She almost cursed me because I’m not yet married. I know, she sounds kind of old-school. This seemed to her like some kind of a scandal and a shame to our family. But she forgave me. In the end, she almost wanted to take with her my daughter to the US. When my daughter cried in the middle of the night, even if she caused all these muscle pains and headache I still went beside her and helped her go back to sleep.

I am so happy to be part of the mothers’ club not because I’d receive flowers and be greeted several times by different people on one special day but because motherhood is very fulfilling in so many different ways.

Happy Mothers’ Day! 🙂