That First Day of May

It’s the first day of May and a holiday because we’re celebrating Labor Day. For me, it’s a bonus day to be with my family. We celebrated it by watching The Avengers and spending almost the entire afternoon in the mall. It’s also my daughter’s first time to watch a movie on the big screen.

The day started with the sun shining brilliantly on the sky. It was plain HOT! Move or don’t, you’d still sweat! But I still managed to take it lightly. Surprisingly, the heat didn’t stress me that much. My little girl didn’t seem to get annoyed as well. She fell asleep while on a jeep and then on the bus until we got to the mall. We decided to buy our movie tickets first before heading to a fast food restaurant to have lunch. I couldn’t believe that we have to pay the same price for the entrance of my 17-month-old daughter. That’s why once we’re inside the theater, I took 4 seats for us even if my daughter won’t be sitting on that chair. Anyway, after purchasing the tickets, we ate lunch at KFC. My daughter loved their cheezy penne that she even danced after being fed one! She’s so cute! After eating, we still have time to walk around the mall before heading back to the movie theater.

We went inside the department store and checked on some home decorations and kitchen utensils. My husband and I share the same liking to home stuff. But we didn’t stay there that long because we fear our daughter would get bored and accidentally kick or punch some fragile items and end up paying for useless things. We headed instead to the “carnival” part of the mall. She just enjoyed watching people play some computer games. My husband and I shoot some balls and we exchanged the tickets we won after to some small stuff for our daughter. That game zone made time fly faster. After the shooting game, we headed back to the movie theaters.

Once we’re inside, our daughter seemed all behaved. I was glad about that but when our chocolate shake had gone empty she just started throwing on some mild tantrums. She went away from her chair and wanted to wander around the theater. When the movie started, she just started screaming and wouldn’t settle in my arms. I asked her to keep quiet and she did but she still wanted to walk around the theater. When she lied down on my chest with a bottle of milk on her mouth, she pacified until she fell asleep. Poor girl, she must be really sleepy after all! So I watched the movie with a 12-kilo girl on top of me. My butt was already becoming numb! A few minutes before the movie ended, she woke up as if asking “What happened?” Haha! By the way, it was a funny movie!

After watching the movie, we headed back home. Outside it’s already raining! First rain on the first day of May. They say it can heal but we still didn’t let ourselves get wet. Yet we only had one umbrella that time. Imagine 3 adults and 1 toddler sharing on one umbrella! We even joked that we’re a “team” like the Avengers.

Back home, it’s warm and cozy. We slept early and woke the following day greeted by the warm sunshine. Hello Wednesday, back to work!