Those Tantrums

My daughter just discovered how to drop her body on the floor and give me that crying-with-no-tears face when she does not approve of something. I saw this kind of attitude from other kids pre-motherhood and I have always wished my would-be child won’t act like this someday. But now it’s happening!

The first time she did this was when we’re at a mall. The carousel we’re watching that time just finished its turn and I told her “It’s over! C’mon, let’s go to another place.” Right after saying that, I almost lost grip of her. She just wanted to drop all her weight on the floor with short screams when I tried to pull her up. People were beginning to look at us. But I remained calm. I didn’t spank her. After all, she’s just 1! With all my might, I pulled her up and carried her instead. She’s 12 kilos, by the way. Her face was still sad and kind of mad at me because the carousel stopped. At the back of my mind I was laughing. O, how kids could be this simple? They’re easy to please, easy to forgive, easy to get annoyed, easy to cry, and easy to get them laughing again!

That incident happened a lot of times after. At home, with her grandparents, with her godparents, with our other relatives and friends, on the street, in a moving vehicle, everywhere, anywhere. But I have come to realize that getting mad at her won’t work to make her calm down. Giving her a little space and time to vent out her emotions are keys to better manage her tantrums. As long as she’s not hurting herself or hurting somebody else, I let her show how she feels. Afterwards, I take her to my arms and try to talk to her. Even if she can’t understand me fully yet, even if she can’t answer me back yet, I know she listens. After that, we kiss and hug each other again.