Those text messages

Isn’t it wonderful that nowadays we’re able to easily communicate with our loved ones? We’re all so far yet so near (or all so near yet so far). Anyway, I am thankful that this wonderful technology lets me relay messages I forgot to tell someone earlier or gives me time to think before even deciding on something. But I must admit that it must be taken seriously also. We must always think first before we send those messages to someone, especially when they’re not close to us, more importantly if they’re our bosses or our clients.

My husband and I enjoyed sending text messages to each other since we’re just as friends. Our messages have evolved through time.

In the beginning, just like in the Bible in the book of Genesis, our text messages are all sweet and full of life. I mean, my cellphone would easily lose battery in a day because it keeps beeping from time to time.

Where are you?
Did you eat already?
What did you eat?
I miss you.

What time will you be home?
I love you.

When we got married, our text messages are mainly reminders of the things we need to do or buy before the day ends. These are reminders that may sound like commands.

Don’t forget to buy a pack of diapers.
Our daughter’s milk will only last until today so don’t forget to buy one before you go home.
We need to go to the supermarket later. 

Well, the first series of text messages were more of him when we’re still not married. The second series were mostly from me. Haha! But could you blame me? First, my husband tends to forget the things I already told him. Second, at the end of the day I usually have this mental checklist in my head of the things I or we need to do or buy. And I do get tired also so we just need to share responsibilities at home.

In a month, there would only be like 1% funny text message we’d receive from each other. Often times, these are random text messages that don’t intend to make you laugh.

Mommy, I don’t like the smell of my shirt.
Daddy, you can be one of the undergarment models only if you’re tummy is smaller. 

The beauty of text messaging! Short. Easy. Fast.