That Game

How come a seductive smell of a wife and strutting her butt don’t work on her husband who’s playing a video game late at night? Enlighten me.

But first, don’t get me wrong. I do love playing video games with my husband. We fight in Tekken. I become his lookout in Metal Gear. I cheer for him in NBA. But there are times that I can’t understand why he would still play when I know how tired he is from work and how sleepy he is already. I just gave up on giving him serious glances telling him he should stop or else he won’t be able to sleep beside me. I have stopped reminding him also of the time because it’s either I’m in dreamland already or I was sleepwalking when I passed by him in our living area that I didn’t notice him at all.

The next morning is a struggle. He can’t wake up on time to prepare himself before going to work. My schedule is sometimes ruined also because he wakes up late! I hate stressful mornings! I plan ahead what to wear for the day and it just gets ruined because I have to run after a bus or fight over a seat in a jeep.

The Metal Gear is nearing its final stage. FINALLY! But next on his list is Assassin’s Creed. Does my husband already love his video games more than his wife?