That Dream

Babies always look cute even when you don’t dress them up. But these photos of a baby of different professions inspire me to become better in my chosen career. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. But the erratic schedule of a doctor makes me think otherwise. The second dream career I had was influenced by my father. I asked him what should I take in college, and I was only 11 or 12 years old that time, and he said to get some business-related course. But I was never an inborn entrepreneur. The first pay I have ever received was when I started drawing small line art for my classmates for their projects. Because of that, and only when I was at my senior year in high school, I was able to decide which course to take in college and that’s Fine Arts major in Visual Communication.

I believe that education is very important for someone to reach his or her dreams. There might be some lucky people who succeeded in their careers even though they did not finish their college degrees. But these aren’t always the case. So as early as now, even if my daughter can’t even say one clear sentence yet, I’m already looking for schools in our area where I will enroll her. I’m also thinking of other lessons not offered regularly at school like ballet, taekwondo, and swimming. It’s better to plan as early as now than to only consider such things when she’s already a grown up. But I won’t force her to become somebody she doesn’t want to be. I’ll give her the freedom to choose; her father and I will only guide her all the way.
Un jour, mon enfant tu seras ! (One day, my little one you will be) A series of photos by French graphic designer and photographer MondayMonday aka Malo.