My Champorado Cravings (Again)

This must be my official online announcement about what we’re about to expect soon. I don’t feel like announcing it on social media sites such as in twitter or in facebook because they… Continue reading

What I Love To Do When It’s Raining

When it’s raining, it’s just so easy to get lazy. There isn’t much to do. I usually stay indoors (except when I have to go to work) and bore myself with TV shows… Continue reading

Busy Sunday

It’s the 15th of July and it seemed as if it’s a very special day for everyone. Well, first, it’s my mom’s birthday. We’re thousands of miles apart but thanks to Skype, we’re… Continue reading

Would You Want to Forget?

It was the busiest day for my cellphone yesterday. Calls and text messages to different people because of our magazine/catalolgue deadline. At the back of my head I was saying I’m a graphic artist…… Continue reading

Raining Cats & Dogs

Haven’t posted in a while. Still busy in the office. Photo shoots and completion of our layouts for our August magazine/catalogue. (Just in case you haven’t known yet, I work as a graphic… Continue reading

Burger TLC

Because my husband and I love burgers, we made another version of it. I think a healthier one: Burger TLC. We also made our own fries. You can buy ready-to-cook fries from the… Continue reading

Cheers to 2 Years!

Haven’t posted in a while. It has been a busy week at work for me. But it doesn’t mean having no time to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! 🙂 Congratulations to us! 🙂 It… Continue reading

Just Say Sorry

Waiting for like 30 minutes outside a bank near my office and it was like 33-34 degrees Celsius. I was sweating but the wind was blowing. It was a relief! But with dusts… Continue reading

Spider-love, Spider-hate

I lied down beside my daughter last night while I try to put her to sleep. She loves having me beside her while she doses off. But while I try to sing her… Continue reading

Vices During Pregnancy

I read this blog from where a pregnant woman was denied a glass of wine in a restaurant where she was dining. I instantly remember my sister telling me before that a… Continue reading

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